Vegan Nutrition Tips for Eating Healthy

You’ve heard it before: most Americans don’t eat what they should, according to a government survey. But don’t fret, you can learn to eat healthy—even without meat, dairy and eggs—with a little patience, and good vegan nutrition! “A person can be vegan and be very healthy,” said Walter Willett, a Harvard professor and, until recently, […]

The Best Vegan Junk Food and How to Avoid It

There are plenty of options for eating healthy without meat, dairy and eggs. But there are also pitfalls along the way too, because vegan junk food tastes awesome and is only getting more abundant. So like with every diet, you may want to think before you dig in. Consider whether the options in front of […]

Absorb Nutrients Better with These Expert Tips

What do coffee and oranges have in common? They both affect how well your body absorbs the nutrients it needs. Some foods—such as citrus—make it easier to soak up nutrients, and others—such as an ill-timed cup of java—make it harder, say experts. Fortunately, there are tricks that can help you ensure your body gets as […]

Vegan Health Benefits

Going vegan is no fad diet. Anyone who promises to help you lose 20 pounds in the first week is varnishing the truth. But there are vegan health benefits—a drop in the risk of cancer, diabetes and heart disease and, yes, maybe weight loss, according to studies. To get the best results, you have to […]

Table of healthy vegan food including a salad with seasoned tofu whole wheat pasta quinoa legumes and brown rice
Featured Vegan Nutrition Tips for Eating Healthy