If you want vegan art for your vegan home that is budget friendly, especially for rooms like your kitchen and nursery, the CulverAndCambridge Etsy store is a good first stop. Because some of us like to express our love for animals on our walls.

For example, there is a very cute mock vegan butcher diagram if you’re looking for animal-friendly art. Instead of outlining the loin, ham and bacon, it shows where the animals should get belly rubs, kisses and hugs.

vegan butcher poster close up

The store also features 25 baby animals, wild and domestic. They are perfect for a child's nursery. There's even a vegan holiday card. And there are plenty of options that aren't related to animals at all.

baby animal artwork for a nursery including a baby zebra a baby cow a baby elephant and a baby giraffe

The artwork is not just sold by the store, it was created by its owner, Scoti Ann Samant of Orange, California, a graphic artist with a passion for computer-generated artwork, and sharing an animal-friendly message.

“A lot of the animal rights stuff in there, it's just meaningful to me. I hope people like it,” she said. “It's an inexpensive way for people to get nice art on their walls.”

You can buy smaller or larger prints and some you can even download and print at home. Prices start at less than $5 and go up for larger prints.

I had my print shipped and was glad I did. Samant uses thick matt stock (230 grams per square meter) and a professional-grade printer, and that quality made my artwork look better in the frame than if I had created it at home. If you do print it for yourself, she advises you use the thickest paper your printer can handle.

Business is booming for her store even during the pandemic.

“It slowed down for a while and then all of a sudden it was busier than Christmas,” she said.