My husband likes our Beyond Meat burgers better than his former favorite, beef Double-Doubles from In-N-Out here in Southern California. And I agree! But finding the ideal vegan condiment pairings took some taste testing. Read on for our tried-and-true Beyond Burger vegan burger recipe tips.

Just so you know, these recommendations were inspired by the first Beyond Burger I had, from a food truck called Baby’s Badass Burgers in L.A. I’ve always thought I cook a mean vegan burger with the many supermarket patties out there, but this was the best burger of my life—meat or no meat. And even though I was with a group, I went back for seconds as soon as I was done eating, which was slightly embarrassing but so worth it.

This burger with a patty from Beyond Meat is based on what I ate that night and incorporates my favorite vegan burger condiments. Please customize it based on your preferences, and choose the best produce you can find.

Beyond Burger vegan burger recipe condiments including vegenaise and follow your heart vegan cheese

Beyond Burger Ingredients

  • Buns – lightly toasted
  • Butter lettuce or whatever type you prefer.
  • Vegenaise – “Better than mayonnaise” their slogan claims, and I agree!
  • Ketchup
  • Yellow Onions – very thinly sliced and then halved.
  • Beyond Meat patties
  • Tomato – Ideally heirloom, thinly sliced
  • Cheese – Follow Your Heart American Style Slices. Vegan cheese jokes aside, this is really good.
  • Beyond Burger Preparation

    Follow the company’s cooking instructions. A barbecue grill works, but my preference is frying it up in a pan with olive or other oil on high.

    If you are including cheese and cooking on the stove, be sure you have a lid or baking sheet on hand.

    When you flip the Beyond Meat patties over to cook the second side, layer the cheese on top, one slice or two, and put a lid on so it melts. You can double up on this vegan cheese. It’s that good!


    Meanwhile, be sure all of your other ingredients are ready. Put Vegenaise and ketchup on the buns, which I prefer lightly toasted.

    Once the meat is ready, put it on the bottom bun. Add onions, fanning them on top. Then add lettuce and tomatoes. Add the top bun and enjoy. Mmmmmm! So good!